Albert's Wish

(by Leanne Aged 12)

Albert limped in pain as he trudged through the woods of Happy Daff .He had decided to go exploring for the day ,but he had such a bad memory he couldn't remember the way home .He a sore back leg ,so he couldn't go very far without having to stop and rest and by the time he stopped for the tenth time is was getting dark. H e hadn't eaten since breakfast and nobody knew where he was going because he left in such a hurry he forgot to tell them. He couldn't much remember what happened the twelth time he stopped but when he woke the next morning instead of being in a nice warm dog basket in Farmer Jim's kitchen he was in a ditch covered in leaves and mud. He clambered up the ditch the best he could with his back leg dragging behind him. I t didn't help the fact that it was the middle of summer and Albert had no water.He limped along the woods floor with leaves crackling beneath his feet in hope someone would find him ,but they didn't. After a day of long walking he had nothing but an old blanket to show for it. He found himself a place between two trees and settled down for the night . He woke up to the awful smell of musty leaves , once again he set out on a long trek across the woods , as it was getting dark Albert spotted and opening at the other side of the wood. With all his might he took off towards the opening , just his luck on the other side there was a small cottage . I t was called Wise Cottage . I t didn't look like anyone was home so he pushed the door with his nose ,to his surprise it opened .He walked in and took a look around . He saw a comfy looking place by a large fire ,Albert went and snuggled down by it. As if by magic and old owl popped out of nowhere and started asking who he was and where he came from. So Albert told his story to the owl. Just before he drifted off he mentioned a wish to the owl and fell asleep soundly and peacefully . The next morning he woke to the smell of something that smelled like the kitchen on Happy Daff Farm ,he opened his eyes a little further till he saw he was in the kitchen on the farm. He was dreaming, so he never got lost or slept in a ditch. But when an owl flew across later that day and called out his name he wasn't sure if it was actually real not just a daft dream.

The End.

Albert the puppy

Farmer Jim had decided to get a puppy but he couldn't decided what to get so he went out and got some books on dogs.Once he had read all the books he decided to get border collie,but at the pound there was so may dogs he decided he best look around for the best dog for under £100, because that's all he got each week for his milk and pork. The pound was offering trial runs , so he decided he might try a few of those and see which one he liked then.. First he tried Max the german shepherd, and what a mistake that was , in two days Max managed to break an antique vase , get stuck under the old tractor scare the chickens and eat Farmer Jims favourite slippers. He tried again with monty the jack Russell, when Jim got him home he bit him and ran round the house like a lunatic barking.Finally he tried albert the border collie, and what fun he was , he even helped Jim round up the sheep and scare away the crows. The final decider was when he weed up the leg of sally the lady from the farm down the road..