Readers Jims

This is the place for you (the general public) to show your love to Jim!

In the coming months we hope to place pics of people showing there love towards Jim. For example, you might be holding some sort of event in the name of Jim, or planning on dressing up like him, or even whilst peeling the spuds you see a potato in the shape of his head.

Basically we want to here from you, your thoughts, your words, your pictures
(with a Jim theme of course)!

So come on...lets see how creative you are and start e-mailing us at:

hello {at} jimbowen.


1. An email from two very sexy young ladies!

My flatmate Christina had the good fortune to meet Jim in Preston City Centre on August 18th 2002, which was two days after she'd moved back to England from Tenerife.

Basically she was strolling through the streets of Preston when she heard "gorgeous lady in green jumper, with dark hair and sunglasses - STOP", apparently she thought aliens had landed, but no it was all to do with a new game show that Jim was fronting that had cleaverly secreted sectet cameras outside a pub.
Anyway, when asked if she wanted to partake in the game show, obviosuly she said yes and was taken to meet Jim. The game basically involved Christina lying under a pool table that had holes cut in it. Balls were dropped through the tabe and she was supposed to catch them. I say supposed because due to the fact I share a flat with her I know how prone she is to dropping plates and the like. So she lost the game and therefore the weekend in Madrid, and then posed for a picture with Jim (which foolishly she never got a copy of) and had a lovely chat with Jim about his son Peter who also lives in Tenerife. She cant remember the name of the show, or which low rent cable channel it was being made for but if anyone does know & can get me a copy of the tape I'd be grateful.
Thanks Lucy

Photo of the lovely Lucy - awaiting photo of Christina (hopefully in the green jumper :-)

2. An email from a fan:-

Hello We think Jim Bowen is great, so great in fact that we have named our newest bong after him. The bongs full title is Harry Jim Bowen Harry Harry. Bring it all on Batfink

3. Another email froma fan:

Thanks for sending me your letter. I am an englishman who recently moved to the U.S.A. I met another english bloke over here and we were talking about things we missed from back home. Our conversation led on to Ted Rogers on 321 and (of course!) Jim Bowen. I think your website is really funny and I have sent it to other english people who live over here. Thanks again! M. Richardson

4. e-mail from the News of the World

Hi, Just been reading your impressive website. Have you had many orders for those Bring Back Bullseye t-shirts - it might make a follow up line for us. What other merchandise is popular? Keep me posted what reaction you are getting to the bring back Bullseye campaign. E-mail me your phone number as well as I think I've lost it (oops). My direct line is 0207 **** ****. I'm out most of today but please e-mail me later or call me in the morning. Best wishes, S**** M*****, TV Correspondent, News of the World.