Here are some of our favourite photos
from over the years

If you have any photos of jim you would like to see added
then please send them to us via e-mail,
and we'll gladly add them to our wonderful collection...
we add new photos as and when we get the chance...
new images tend to turn up all the time... but feel free to add your own photos of the man...
seen here in its full glory below......sit back have a "Bud"
.....treat yourself to the missus.....niiiiiiice!

Jim and his 'Bendy Bully', what a photo. David Bailey would be proud...

Jim carefully explaining the finer complicated points of the game.

Look at what you could have won!
That's Eric"Crafty Cockney"Bristow on the right!

Tony inspired the young generation with his enthusiasm to darts.
Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin One! (give it a rest tone!)

There you go lads, lovely!
Isn't that John Parrott & Art Garfunkell?
I'd have paid good money to see that!

Now look at this lovely pikky of Jim
on the front cover of a "Chariteeee" CD
isn't it just grayt mayt

That's my mom!
Hands off Jim! :-)

And Again!
There's something fishy about this!!

Oy ! Pal. Did you spill my pint !
Calm down mate...Calm down!!
The other side of Jim we rarely see!!

A beautiful portrait
A favourite to download as a screensaver
Go on. Treat Yourself!

Up Up & Away.
The giddy heights of success
(Take your finger out of my arse pal,or I'll get bully on to you!)

The Happy Daft Gang
Supporting a worth while cause.

First thing in the morning!!!

One day this will all be mine
Note how Jim uses the clever wide angled capacity of the camera
by leaning, ever so slightly, in a drunken manner
with a touch of humor, as though to appear pissed again!