Is your name Jim Bowen?

If so were you named it at birth or like us
you changed it by deed pole!

You probably wont believe us but
the following people are all called Jim Bowen...

I's very sad!

The chap on the right is actually called Jim Bowen,
once more he's also a site manager for tarmac!

I's very sad!

This is a Field safety manager
Just so you know we're telling you gits the truth every now & then there will
be a link so click on it to see. Here goes Link he's got lovely wrist action

I's even sadder!

This hard lookin' guy! is a cop in LA. ( or the village people !! )
Show us yer truncheon Jim !! (nice teddy!)

The last one was gay!!

Now this one is a professor
he doesn't look as clever as our very own James ... does he ?
(actually yes....ed !)

This Jim is just too cool!

Exciting Stuff

He's still called Jim Bowen though, so here he is
enjoy !!!!


Holy Smoke!!
don't let yer kids see this one, they'll have
nightmares. Don't run away, don't run away..!
Who is this guy !! oh yeah...Its JIM BOWEN ! on Acid !!!!!

This Jim bowen is still under construction
Inconsiderate B*****!!

Handy Andy

This is a Jimbo who is big into DIY
believe it or not it only took him 18 months to complete this shed!
Quite unbelievable !
Check Tony "iiiiiiiiiiiiinn one" in the background graftin'!

Jim-Fox Mulder-Bowen

This X-Files look alike is a coach
of an American footy team

Smart Bastard

This is a very rare plug
but please go & have a look at this guys site
just click on this A Rare Plug and there
you are .... what a lovely lookin' guy. Have a look at his CV.
Something you bloody students cud lern fromm!

If you know of any other Jim Bowens, what you need to do
Is firstly.......Slap Him !!........then send us the link
via e-mail & we'll check it out & add it. We wouldn't want people
submitting pictures of their grandmas, now, would we ??
or would we ........?!*