Welcome to the original and best loved Jim Bowen and Bullseye appreciation website on the Internet. He is by trade a UK comedian that was born in 1937 and is from Lancashire. Most people remember him for the hit TV series Bullseye that was screened on ITV from 1981 to 1995.

We were officially the first website dedicated to Jim and Bullseye on the Internet way back in 2001. Our campaign to bring back bully to our TV screens was picked up by the News of the World, and we were subsequently featured for a number of weeks.

TV also took an interest in our campaign, and in 2001 we appeared on a popular show called Cyber Cafe. We were interviewed by Nell McAndrew and Richard Orford, and also met Keith Chegwin and Leilani - here are some pictures of us in the green room!

To further the 'Bring Back Bullseye' campaign we produced and sold over 4000 t-shirts with the help of editorial features in the News of the World. Do you still own and wear one - please get in touch as we'd love to hear from you!

In 2001 we also won 'Site of the Year' award from Yahoo in the News and Entertainment category. This was fantastic for us as Yahoo was the biggest search engine back then.

Of course, Jim Bowen was the main reason for the creation of this site and our love for him. However, he is no stranger to controversy and in 2002 he publicly quit his spot on Radio Lancashire after making a racist remark on air (he also apologised on air for his comment). We decided to keep the appreciation site running as it was originally created for the people to express their views - so don't forget to sign our guest book (but please be nice).

The main pages of our site are unaltered since 2001 - in Internet terms it's now a site of historic importance and will most likely be subject to a Time Team dig by Tony Robinson!

Anyway, we hope you enjoy it so please go and play. And if you want to contact us then please email us at hello{at} Oh, and don't forget to check out Dancing Jim - our most popular link!